We conduct strict testing procedures on all our paper products

All our streets have consistency regulators whi We have two Quality Control Systems on machines to measure and control various board properties like GSM and moisture. Once the paper is cut according to the size requirements, 100% finishing of the material is done which ensures the paper quality.

PPS Testing

To measure the surface roughness of coated board. This measures surface roughness(hills & valleys) expressed in microns. This is an important measure of coated board surface evenness/ smoothness. Lower the values in micron better the coated surface smoothness.

IGT Printability Testing

To check the strength of Top Surface of the board. This printability tester is internationally recognized in Paper, packaging, printing & ink industry.

Stiffness Testing

To measure the stiffness of the board. This measures the force required to the bend specimen or test piece of given dimension through an angle of 15 degree.

Bursting Strength Tester

This measure how much hydraustatic force required to rupture the sample by constantly increasing the pressure through rubber diaphragm.

Water Retention Test

To measure the water hold out in coating slurry. This measure the water migration under pressure at the time of coating.

Ply Bond Testing

To measure the inner plies strength. It measures inter layer strength of paper board & expressed in j/m2 OR ft.lb.in.thousandths.

Circular Die Punching

This is an excellent & convenient precision cutter for speedy & accurate cutting of specified 100 cm3. To measure the GSM .

Caliper Testing

To measure the brightness of the board. It measure the % of blue light reflection of sample at effective wavelength through 457nm. It measure in %

Brightness Testing

This measures the perpendicular distance between the two principle surface of board under prescribed condition & it expressed in mm./Micron.

Gloss Testing

To measure the surface gloss of board. It measure the reflectance of light through an 75 degree.

Cobb Testing

To measure the surface absorption by board over 60 sec. & it expressed in g/m2. Test area is normally 100 cm2.

Brookfield Visco Testing

To check the viscosity of solution. It measure the viscosity of coating slurry at specified spindle & RPM

SOA Testing

To measure the rate of penetration of oil at specific time. It measure in sec. Higher the value, better the print gloss & better varnishibility with less ink consumption.

RH Testing

To measure the accurate & precise measurement of Humidity & Temp. of paper stacks.

K&K Ink Absorbtion Test

To carried out the comparative test for rate of ink absorption. Lower the value better the print gloss with the less ink consumption.

Moisture Testing

To measure the accurate moisture of Board at speedy level.

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